Military Time Zones: A Complete Guide

Military Time Zones: A Complete Guide

Military time zones put essentially, are vertical segments of the earth that have a similar time. This is for accommodation in common and regulatory purposes, and additionally exchange and business. On the other hand, outwardly, envision a protractor a gadget for estimating points on the north shaft, and afterward separate the whole world from that point down toward the south post into 24 equivalent that makes 15° areas given that in our world it will be round the value of 360 degrees of longitude.

Military Time Zones

Starting at any prime meridian time in Greenwich, the time in each military time travel increments by an hour going towards east and abatements by a hour going west. At that point, to keep away from basically overflowing into the following day, the antemeridian – that is, the contrary meridian according to Greenwich Alaska and Russia– works with International Date Line. At the 27 degrees scope, it has to deal with different zones according to different times that can only understand with the time chart.

Military Time Zones
Zone Time Offset Major City
Alpha UTC +1 Paris, France
Bravo UTC +2 Munich, Germany
Charlie UTC +3 Moscow, Russia
Delta UTC +4 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Echo UTC +5 New Delhi, India
Foxtrot UTC +6 Dhaka, Bangladesh
Golf UTC +7 Bangkok, Thailand
Hotel UTC +8 Hong Kong, China
India UTC +9 Seoul, South Korea
Kilo UTC +10 Melbourne, Australia
Lima UTC +11 Honiara, Solomon Islands
Mike UTC +12 Auckland, New Zealand
November UTC -1 Praia, Cabo Verde
Oscar UTC -2 Nuuk, Greenland
Papa UTC -3 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Quebec UTC -4 Halifax, Canada
Romeo UTC -5 Boston, MA United States
Sierra UTC -6 Austin, TX United States
Tango UTC -7 Phoenix, AZ United States
Uniform UTC -8 San Francisco, CA United States
Victor UTC -9 Juneau, AK United States
Whiskey UTC -10 Honolulu, HI United States
X-Ray UTC -11 Nome, AK United States
Yankee UTC -12 Suva, Fiji
Zulu UTC Greenwich, United Kingdom

Note: It is important to remember that there is no J (Juliet) for two reasons. J is not seen as a true letter of the alphabet in Latin and J also indicates local time.

You can also download this Military Time Zones – Printable Chart and open it even if there is no internet connection.

Military Time Zones Map

We have special military time zones map that will help you understand how it actulally works. At that point, there are areas where military time zones are totally confusing. Greenland, China and India has famous cases, where only one time can apply to the whole nation. We have 4 main time zones in United States and two other zones are set for Alaska and Hawai.


Two Most Famous Time Zones

Two most famous military time zones are known as:

  • Zulu Time
  • Delta Time

You can easily understand the zones with the given example.

That way, if, say, it’s 3 toward the beginning of the day on a Tuesday in Iceland, at that point it’ll be 3 toward the evening on a Tuesday in Siberia, however 5 toward the evening on a Monday in the region of Alaska. Each 15 degrees, time is a hour ahead or a hour behind Coordinated Universal Time. That is precisely how ahead or behind a period zone is set up through its assigned counterbalance. For instance, Hong Kong will be UTC+8. It implies the time zone has a counterbalanced of 8 hours from the UTC, going east.

You can try to find out standard and military time in different countries around the world by our Current Military time Converter.

NATO Phonetic Letters

The present task of time zone names depends on the NATO phonetic letters in order. This framework has disposed of some disarray which brought about past recommendations. Each time zone name relates to an extraordinary one character letter allocated to that time zone. In any case, there are a few letters. For example, that will be D and B as well as M and N can be effectively confound in verbal interchanges. The time zone name itself is frequently utilizes. So in this illustration Delta will utilize when alluding to UTC more than 4 instead of the alphabet D.

The present task of codes is being used by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), International Maritime Organization (IMO), as well as the famous Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) due to which some slight varieties, and most military associations.

In any case, not every person adheres to those principles. Despite the fact that time zones are watch for all intents and purposes wherever on the planet, there are a considerable measure of special cases to the essential control of time changing by a hour each 15 degrees. A few places just change their chance from the past time zone by time of 30 minutes. Newfoundland, Iran, India, Afghanistan and Australia to give some examples, as well as in numbers there will be difference by 15 minutes. That would be Nepal and Chatham.

Bottom Line

Make sure that you understand the zones properly. Avoid mistakes specially when you are talking to army men about time. Do not worry because our military time zones map is available 24/7. You can use it anytime you like to know more about the time zones and how they work. If you need more information about military time you can read other articles about Military Alphabet or Military Time Clock as well. I bet you will like our articles about Military Time.