What is Military Time: An Ultimate Guide

What is Military Time: An Ultimate Guide

The way to tell the time in the 24-hour format is known as the military time. It is also known as the army time. Here the day begins with the 0 hours and ends with the 24 hours.

The most common clock we use in the world is the 12 hours clock. But the army (military) time is completely different from it.

The 12 hours clocks have to start once again at the midday called 1:00 pm. But when you have the military time you will notice it will keep on counting. Even after the midday, the counting does not stop because from 13:00 it will proceed to 14:00. Even the watch used for the military time is different from the one we use for the 12 hours time.

What is Military Time?

The military time is used to avoid any confusions with the AM and PM system. It has been noticed most of the time we set on clocks to 7 PM instead of AM. It causes a disturbance in our routine. With the army time, there will be no confusion. Because the time will not repeat itself and you will get the time accurately. In the military time there 7 in the morning and at night we will read it has 1900 hours.

What is Military Time? Useful Ipfographic with General Informations

If you like this infographic you can download it in printable version What is Military Time – useful infographic with general informations.

Military Time History

In order to understand the military time properly, it is important to know about the military time history first. Because that is the only way we will know how and why this time format was developed.

It has been noticed the 24 hours’ time was originated in the Egyptian era. Because its evidence has been found in the Astronomical system of decans. The system has been used for many years by the astronomers, scientists, and navigators. There are many surviving examples of the military time history we can find.

Italy introduced the first mechanical clock in the history of the military time. In the clock, there were sings for 24 hours and there was an hour needle and the minute needle. The clock used to stroke 84 times in order to tell the time. The system was easy to read and that is the way it has been used for many years. To assure the people will understand the accurate time.

After that in 1884, it was purposed by Lewis M. Rutherfurd people should use the military time. Because it helps us to understand how our earth is revolving around the sun. He said if we can understand the day and night. We will notice the day starts with the 0 hours and ends at the 24 hours. After that from the time of 1889 to 1915 there were several resolutions passed. It showed whether the countries should use the military time at the regular time or not.

World War 1

It has been noticed in the World War 1 the military time was used by the soldiers to avoid any kind of confusions. After that in most of the countries it was used as the common means of understanding the time. However, with the passage of time people adopted the 12 hour time format. Because it was easier to adjust in the clocks and was more compact. In the military of most of the country, the military time is still used. They cannot afford to get confused because of the time or lose the track of time.

Military Time Conversion

Once you have understood everything about the army (military) time it is important you learn about the military time conversion. You should know in the army time there is no 4:00 AM. You will read the time as 0400. However, when the minutes are included in the clock system the things can get confusing. The conversion of army time into the 12 hour format is not a difficult task.

Here is a simple explanation of how you can convert the 1800 into standard time.

  • 1. Step: Is 1800 greater then 1200? – YES
  • 2. Step: Then 1800 – 1200 = 600
  • 3. Step: Add the colon between hours and minutes and it would be 6:00
  • 4. Step: As 1800 is greater than 1200 so you insert PM behind 6:00
  • 5. Step: The conversion of 1800 military time is 6:00PM standard time

On the other hand, consider 9:27 AM in the 12 hours format will be written as 0927 in the military time. You will speak it as zero nine twenty seven. A few rules of the military time you should know about are:

  • The hours of 1 am till noon are similar in the army time and the 12 hour time format. For the conversion all you have to do is add “:” sign at the time. it will be the AM time
  • When the army time is larger than 1300. You will have to subtract 1200 to get the standard time and it will be written in PM.

Conversion Calculator

There are many individuals who are confused related to the military time. It gets hard for them to understand how this time format works. This is the reason they have been unable to convert the army time into the civilian time. In order to resolve the issue most of the individuals are using the military time calculator. It has been recently introduced in the market. You can find 3 types of time converters:

It is the high-tech software that will allow you to convert the time within few seconds. All you have to do is enter the military time into the converter. It will be automatically converted into the civilian time. The AM and PM will be mentioned with the time. It will make it easier for you to manage your time professionally.

Military Time Format

The format of the military time is very simple to understand. It starts at the midnight with the 0000. It is the time when the day beings and on the civilian time we call it 12:00 am. After that the number increase and when it reaches 1200 it is the time we call 12:00 pm and known as the afternoon or the midday. After this time the counting in the army time format will still continue like the regular and you will reach the 24:00 will be considered as the end of the day and the counting will begin once again from 0000.

Military time - major differences between typical 24 hour time usage and military usage

Printable version of this useful infographic is here: Military time – major differences between typical 24 hour time usage and military usage.

There are no confusions in the military time but as we are used to the civilian time format this is the reason we have been unable to understand the army time properly. Once you will understand the conversion and format of the time it will get easier for you to follow the military time. You will not have to deal with the issue of AM and PM. You will get chance to easily adjust the time. There are many other benefits of the military time and this is the reason army has been using the army time because they cannot afford to have any confusions due to their strict schedule.

Military Time Chart

It is a special comparison chart can help you to find the army time along with the civilian time. It is one of the easiest way to find the army time when you do not have the time for conversions. You will have to look for the time you have available and right beside it you will get your military time and without a delay you can easily let the other person know exact time they are looking for. To understand army time correctly visit our article about Military Time Chart.


Military Time Clock

The army time clock is another way to understand and compare the army time with the civilian time. The clock has been developed with the latest technology will save you the time of using the army time converter. The clock has both formats of time. You will notice there will be two types of clocks running side by side.-

The first clock will have the military time and the second one will have the civilian time. In this way, it will get easier for you to know both the time at anywhere. If someone is asking you to convert the time you can simply check the army time clock and give them the answer they have been looking for. It will save your time.

In case you want more information check our article about military time clock.

Military Time Zones

Every state has its own time according to the revolution of the solar system. In order to avoid any kind of confusions in the east and west, it is assured every zone has its own standard time. You should know every time zone is 15 degrees towards the longitude in width. There is a difference of at least 1 hour in all the adjoining time zones.

Military Time Zones (example)
Zone Time Offset Major City
Alpha UTC+1 Paris, France
Bravo UTC+2 Munich, Germany
Charlie UTC+3 Moscow, Russia

The military time zones are utilized by the military to guarantee an institutionalization of time for the powers. Standard military requests would be conveyed in Zulu time. Greenwich Mean Time also known as GMT is same to the Zulu time. The unit’s area on the planet, it will decide the measure of balance required. If the requests were to dispatch a mission at 2000 Zulu, and your ship was situated close Japan in the China time zone – the time zone is GMT in addition to 8 hours, so you will have to subtract 8 hours from 2000 Zulu, and know your opportunity to dispatch would be 0200 nearby times.

What is Military Time – Conclusion

Military (army) time is an important part of our daily activities specially if you are related to someone who is in the military. Make sure you learn how to convert the time and understand its importance because it can help you in different fields of life.

We hope you have understood everything related to the military time zones and how to convert it. If you are looking for the army time converter or the clock visit our website.